Merci cher Bernard. Au plaisir de papoter encore avec toi un jour prochain en Belgique ou ailleurs.

13 Nov 2015

Thank you once again Fadi

13 Nov 2015

Thank's a lot

02 Nov 2015

Thank you very much

02 Nov 2015


30 Jan 2015

Thank you dear Miguel

12 Jan 2015

Thank you for the explanation. I know the painter and his work. So this realistic pipe is not Charlie - I mean all the people against extremism and for the liberty of speak and thought. A screwdriver or a mandolin are also not Charlie. So what?

12 Jan 2015

Hello. Sorry, but what do you mean exactly?

12 Jan 2015

I like the drawing but the chessboard is not correct as often. A white square should be on the right - just for information

27 Jul 2014

Thank you very much Ramses and Tjeerd

28 May 2014

Thank you Volodia

16 May 2014

Igor Kolgarev, I don't understand your "genre" something argument. Too philosophic maybe.
Never mind. Have a nice day.

14 May 2014

Да но только хулиган

14 May 2014

Thank you Ramses and Enrico

14 May 2014

childish propaganda, no other words to describe this drawing

14 May 2014

Thank you dear Gianfranco

25 Mar 2014

Thank you very much dear Sofia

11 Mar 2014

Thank's a lot dear Nayer

10 Mar 2014

Thank you dears Enrico and Angelo

09 Mar 2014

Thank's a lot dear Dan

07 Mar 2014