Greece is Europe, Europe is Greece.
We vote NO
Because we are EUROPE

06 Jul 2015

the revolution is against austerity and fake greek debt not against euro

06 Jul 2015

so you dont get the message of revolution, do you?

06 Jul 2015

Greece votes Yes to Europe and a HUGE NO to Austerity

02 Jul 2015

01 Jul 2015

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01 Jul 2015


01 Jul 2015

First you ignore him, then you laugh at him, the he wins.

28 Jun 2015

We dont accept any austerity, we accept a fair European Community without austerities and we call all european people to follow us.

26 Jun 2015

They are so good doctors but they allow him to die.

18 Jun 2015


20 Mar 2015

ZDF say that they created the fake video and it was a joke.

19 Mar 2015

Why you see it as a joke if greeks dont have money?

15 Mar 2015

Mr Spock was a legendary character.

01 Mar 2015

Varoufakis knows to say NO and NEIN
he is not a YES MAN

17 Feb 2015

I was never a communist but now I support Tsipras in the fair war of Greece against austerity measures

01 Feb 2015

I think that stability will come if we sacrifice the Greeks and we must impose them more austerity measures to punish them because we imposed them a debt and now we imposed them more austerity measuers and they want to resist so we must impose them more austerity measures. This is stability and peace

31 Jan 2015

The founding fathers of the EU had in mind to create an alliance of countries to live all in peace and stability. However some rich countries they decided that people from other countries must be sucrificed with austerity measures. And they sacrifice those bad countries because because statistic numbers are not as we expected. They sacrifice people and their lives in order to have better statistic numbers. So we must stay in EU because someone must stop those rich countries. And who else can resist them better than the Greeks?

30 Jan 2015

No Grexit and no Austerity how difficult is for you to understand?

29 Jan 2015