Good to see you again :)

01 Jul 2014

This is a good one!

22 May 2014

very nice- simple and very good expressions!

19 Sep 2012

owao! nicely done!

12 Sep 2012


23 Jun 2012

great as always

20 Jun 2012

owao! forceful drawing (couldn't get the idea though) the guy is a reporter I guess and the OCTO is CRIME organization?

19 Jun 2012

very good idea and what a style!

19 Jun 2012

time magazine cover?

12 May 2012

Time magazine cover?

12 May 2012


04 Apr 2012

hahahaha GREAT!

01 Feb 2012

@Alfredo Martirena thanks sir :)

19 Jan 2012

Dear Ramiro, You have a tremendous style and idea line, but i think it would be wise to post your works one by one, other wise everyone will get confused. Best regards :)

18 Jan 2012

Thanks Manos Symeonakis Thanks Matt Bors thanks :)

18 Jan 2012

Many thanks sir! It is Afghanistan, OK let me upload it again, I thought not to put the real flag as there is PISS thing, and US army did it to Afghan people's dead body, so i though everyone would recognize it though Taliban leaders said that it will not hamper their upcoming TALK with US. (should i really replace it, in fact it was a very quick drawing too) Thanks again.

17 Jan 2012

maestro, with a tremendous style... salute to u sir! (might have been better with hand drawing i hope)

14 Jan 2012

nice composition sir

12 Jan 2012

:D thanks sir , feeling honored, great fan of you :D

12 Jan 2012