Thanks, guys.
"Smashing Blackberries" is going to be the name of my Grunge Revival tribute band.

09 Sep 2016

Just threw my vote in on this. You've perfectly summed up the state of American voters for the past thirty-odd years.

03 Sep 2016

Too bad I could only vote for this cartoon once. Bravo!

29 Aug 2016

Oh, man, yeah. Sweet. I'd try and make the silhouette more obviously F117, maybe have the MSL logo as a lit-up tall building kind of sign.

17 Aug 2016

My vote!
Y'know, it's really sad this happened, but I can never help rooting for the bull.

11 Jul 2016

Wow, I didn't know Nikola Tesla dug Pink Floyd! (;^>
My vote.

11 Jul 2016

Just voted for this one.
Selfie stick: tool of the Devil.

11 Jul 2016

Just voted for this one.
I hear they were rioting in Paris after they lost in the final. I'd hate to imagine the kind of rioting they'd have had if France had won.

11 Jul 2016

Just threw my vote in.
Tell you what, though... you want politics based on fear, check out the Democratic Party establishment in the States. The Democrats don't have jack for progressive achievement in the past 30 years, so they're reduced to trying to scare progressive voters with Donald Trump. You try and point out the truth about Hillary's warmongering and sleeping around with corporate interests and bankers, and the Democratic Party leadership is all like, "...but, TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMPITY TRUMPITY TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!"

11 Jul 2016

Just threw my vote in on this one.
That guy in Minnesota was carrying a licensed firearm in an "open carry" state, but not a peep out of the NRA about it. Friggin' hypocrites.

10 Jul 2016

Ouch. I'm totally cold sober right now, and I can already see it. I'm going to have to slam back three or four pints of Guinness so I CAN'T see it.

06 Jul 2016

"Laws are for the little people!" --Hillary

06 Jul 2016

Well done, Paolo!
...and am I the only one here who thinks he looks like Jeff Bridges in "Dumb And Dumber"?

25 Jun 2016

Yeah, she's the new sheriff, alright -- like Barney Fife.

15 Jun 2016

Hillary's "feminism" is faux feminism, the "boardroom feminism" of glass ceilings and politicians. No real, revolutionary feminist I can think of ever accomplished anything by playing the bloody games of American "democracy". Any woman who broke the "glass ceiling" did it by standing on the backs of poor and working-class women who'll be luck to break through the floor.

In the 1970s, feminism was supposed to have been about succeeding without the help of a man, but Hillary only succeeded by marrying into power, and with the help of Wall Street.

I think this sketch pretty much nails it. Hillary isn't really about advancing feminism; she's all about power and money -- the same as her male counterparts.

09 Jun 2016

Just tossed my vote onto the pile. Love this one.
Man, I love the French. That tennis racket-wielding protester was pure class.

07 Jun 2016

Interesting you'd mention the Furry Freak Brothers; I used to read that one a lot -- along with Vaughn Bodé's "Cheech Wizard" -- when I was in college back in the 1970s, but Gilbert Shelton (creator of the Freak Brothers) was one cartoonist I DIDN'T borrow chops from when I was a kid.

27 May 2016

"So what, now...? I click this little blue thingie here, and it spews my classified State Department messages all over the place...?"
--Hillary Clinton

26 May 2016

All I know is, the more countries bail out of the EU, the tougher it'll be for the US to keep them under control. That can't be bad.

07 May 2016

Yeah, and that's the damn' problem, too. Sad thing is, if you take a really hard, close look at Hillary and what she stands for, you'll see that she's really not that different from Trump. In fact, I think Hillary is far more dangerous than Trump. Trump is just a trash-mouthed buffoon; Hillary is truly pure raw evil.

29 Apr 2016