All I know is, the more countries bail out of the EU, the tougher it'll be for the US to keep them under control. That can't be bad.

07 May 2016

Yeah, and that's the damn' problem, too. Sad thing is, if you take a really hard, close look at Hillary and what she stands for, you'll see that she's really not that different from Trump. In fact, I think Hillary is far more dangerous than Trump. Trump is just a trash-mouthed buffoon; Hillary is truly pure raw evil.

29 Apr 2016

D'ahh, the little twirp's just lighting off bottle rockets in the back yard. Where the hell is his mom?

25 Apr 2016

Oh, man, these are brilliant, Bart. I just can't get over it, man. I'm loving these.

18 Jan 2016

I love the look on the bear's face: "Oh, Christ, NOW what...?"

17 Jan 2016

...and by the way, you know the current oil price slump is really hitting hard when even ISIS has to start offering free giveaway goodies with every fill-up.

17 Jan 2016

And, like most mechanics, he's telling this guy "Well, it'll be about two weeks, if I can get the parts."

02 Dec 2015

Well done, Rasha! It seems that American media "talking heads" -- along with most Americans -- have totally forgotten their history.
I regret that I have but one vote to give for this cartoon.

23 Nov 2015

Too much, man. Sheer bloody brilliance. Well done, Emad!

"Hey, back off, Ivan! That's OUR FUCKIN' JOB!" -- Barack Obama

11 Oct 2015

Say what you want about Grateful Dead fans, but at least 1960s vintage VW Microbuses didn't have to falsify their emissions data.

23 Sep 2015


Back in the '80s, there was a highway safety public-service announcement that was all over the TV here in the States, with the slogan: "You Could Learn A Lot From A Dummy".

16 Sep 2015

Just threw in a vote for this one.

I'm still amazed that woman could be stupid enough to do something like that with cameras rolling all over the place. Idiot. What did she think, that nobody would care?

10 Sep 2015

Well done! Just threw in a vote for this one.

I wish I could remember who it was who said "You steal my work, I steal your work, we all steal each other's work..." You can talk to any artist, novelist or composer throughout history -- Warhol, Marquez, Dylan -- and they'll all tell you that they were influenced by somebody else and borrowed from them when they were young.

Personally, I've lost track of how many other cartoonists and painters I stole chops from when I was in school.

10 Sep 2015

We didn't vote ourselves into this situation, and we're not going to be able to vote ourselves out of it.

02 Sep 2015

"Boy, you're gonna carry that weight a long time...!"

02 Sep 2015

What really bothers me is that the proposed border walls can also be used to keep Americans IN. Anybody remember Berlin?

02 Sep 2015

Despite nearly 800 Black Americans murdered by police this year, US Liberals still clamor for policies that disarm the People and not the State.

02 Sep 2015

Oh, yeah, just what we need -- Joe "Loose Cannon" Biden. Am I the only one here who thinks Joe Biden would look better in a wife-beater and blue jeans, waxing an old Camaro while drinking MGD's and listening to Night Ranger?

02 Sep 2015

It isn't just the Democratic or Republican parties -- it's AMERICA'S fault.

02 Sep 2015

Nearly 800 Black Americans have been murdered by police so far this year. When will "gun-control" Liberals call for the disarming of the police and the State?

02 Sep 2015