Good one, Ramses! Reminds me of an old Bugs Bunny gag.

25 Jul 2014

Man, this is insanely great.Too bad I only get to vote once.

25 Jul 2014

I know this sounds cynical as hell, but I knew this whole "bring back our girls" thing was pretty much done when a gaggle of Hollywood celebrities climbed aboard, along with Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Now, on Twitter, it's pretty much degenerated into something along the lines of that "Kony 2012" circus. Sad, really.

09 May 2014

Hey, alright! It's the Little Man In The Boat! (heh heh)

25 Jan 2014

Wow, looks like 007 being chased by enemy agents.

04 Jan 2014

Sweet! I have at least half a dozen pieces of IKEA furniture in my studio, and they're all "curb scores" -- perfectly good pieces left at the curb by people in my neighborhood who were moving and either didn't have room to pack them or just couldn't be bothered to move them.

02 Jan 2014

What, you don't think they're playing nice now? Yeah, perhaps this will be the year they'll "play nice" and finish the job of colluding on the destruction of Medicare, Social Security and the Constitution.

02 Jan 2014

Wow, Paolo, these are great. I really love the way you're getting mileage out of these classic old Vietnam Era fotos.

19 Nov 2013

I think the problem isn't so much that we have any "attack press" as such, but that they're attacking the wrong targets. When Edward Snowden's NSA reveleations hit, the US press' first reaction was to attack Snowden. When riot police were beating up 14 year-old girls at Occupy protests, the US press' first reaction was to attack Occupy... you get the idea.

Sadly, investigative reporting as I remember it from my youth, during the Vietnam/Watergate Era, is pretty much dead at a time when we really need it.

I won't speak for the rest of the world, but here in the bad old USA, we could perhaps use a little more "press excess".

31 Oct 2013

"Why are we not in the streets like other brave countries?"
Uhh... because we're not a brave country?
C'mon, Deb... Americans are the most craven, easily-bullied and gullible population on the planet, and American activists are the most useless -- Occupy Wall Street notwithstanding.

02 Oct 2013

True, but keeping the NSA operating, the Guantanamo concentration camp open, and continuing the drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen were Obama's decision. It was also Obama's idea to go to the wall to ensure that the poor and working class are forced to subsidice health insurance corporations' profits. Both wings of the Party are complicit in this phony crisis.

02 Oct 2013

Nice one, Sergei. ...Alas, poor Hammarskjöld, he knew him well.

12 Sep 2013

Man, that's gorgeous, Emilio! Good to see there are people out there who remember "the other 9/11".

12 Sep 2013

Is it a wise or mad decision? Sounds like you've answered your own question there, man.

Interesting, too, that you're invoking the Marx Brothers, there. In the past decade, politicians here in the USA have gone out of their way to make decisions so ridiculously insane that I decided long ago that the USA should just change its name to Fredonia. "Hail, hail Fredonia!"

What's especially embarassing about this, on another level, is that my father's family were originally from Bavaria. Same bunch of crazies since Hitler? Wow... I need a pint of beer right now -- perhaps several pints...

29 Aug 2013

I regret that I have but one vote to give to this artwork.

31 Jul 2013

Oh, wow, Sofia, this one's awesome. I just love those two Cardinals bustin' a move.

Actually, now you've got me thinking... if the Vatican really wants the Cardinals to get closer to the people, perhaps the Pope could change the name of the College Of Cardinals to "My Posse".

29 Jul 2013

Y'know, I'm normally not crazy about the way they run things in Mainland China, but, still.... yeee-hahhh!

09 Jul 2013

Hate to break this to you, but Obummer has no intentions of closing Guantanamo, and his Liberal sycophants in the media are using the lame old "Congress won't let him" excuse when, in fact, he could do it with a simple Executive Order.

If he does anything, he'll close the prison camp and transfer the prisoners -- almost none of whom have been charged or convicted of any crime, btw -- to "supermax" prisons in the US. He'll eliminate the symbol, but not the problem. Typical Obama.

26 May 2013

Yeah, at least they're talking, but if you understand the code, it all means big trouble, especially when you hear them say stuff like "Bipartisanship", "Compromise", "Grand Bargain", or "tough choices".

17 Apr 2013

Good point... even inasmuch as the Internet democratizes media by allowing everyone to participate, it also becomes rife with conspiracy freakery and other idiocy for the same reason.

This is why I try to avoid reading comment sections on articles and blog posts. Though it largely depends on the site, many Internet comments sections seem to attract people with no original ideas or nothing substantive to say. One of my favorite pastimes is to skim through the comment sections on articles at, say, Associated Press or Yahoo News, and guess which commenters found that article via a link from the Drudge Report. Oh, for fun!

YouTube's comment sections have got to be the all-time worst, though. They're like an idiot magnet. Yesterday, in the comments under an AP video of Obama's press briefing on the Boston bombing, some Teabagger clown posted an incoherent outburst claiming that because the bombing happened in Boston on "Patriiots' Day", it was somehow a message to the Tea Party.

If Internet comment sections were bars, the YouTube comment sections would be a dimly-lit, loud, filthy, smelly old dive biker bar, with bloodstains on the floor, used syringes in the bathroom trash cans and toilets that don't work.

17 Apr 2013