Just threw in my vote.

Why does this remind me of an old Road Runner cartoon?

20 Dec 2014

Y'know, I've heard a rumor that Putin does actually own some shirts.

04 Dec 2014

I regret that I can only vote for this cartoon once.

Maybe it's just me -- maybe I'm just weird -- but I actually welcome trolls crapping their drawers over a cartoon I publish. When the trolls freak out, it means I'm doing my job.

Hell, I actually think it's fun jerking their chains -- especially the Zionist pro-Israel howlers.

04 Dec 2014

Ha, nice one, Sergey.

He may not be as glamourous, but at least he hasn't had buttock enhancement surgery. It's all him back there.

04 Dec 2014

Uhhmmm... the US State uses them to generate fear and suspicion among the population? Americans react to both in an insanely racist manner? ...Hell, I'm just throwing stuff out, here.

I take it you saw that clip on CNN a week or two ago...

22 Oct 2014

Hey, man. It's ALL terrorism.

03 Oct 2014

I regret that I am only allowed to vote once here. Boo yah!

25 Sep 2014

"An exhilarating high-octane thrill ride! Two thumbs up!" --NBC 'Today" Show

16 Sep 2014

Got iTunes but don't dig U2? Tough shit, here's a U2 album.

13 Sep 2014

Y'know, I've been kind of wondering what they're going to do about the flag if Scotland votes "yes". It'll probably wind up looking like that English flag the Sex Pistols are flying at their gigs lately.

13 Sep 2014

Oh, yeah, sure... I'm totally going to piss away $US350 for a repackaged iPod Nano that straps to my wrist with a strip of Teletubbie skin.

Sadly, I could only vote once.

12 Sep 2014

Thanks, Miguel. Somehow I was guessing I wasn't the only one here thinking this. I was working on this last night while Obama's speech was going on, though I wasn't actually listening to it, of course.

11 Sep 2014

A civilized society -- y'mean, like the USA, where the police are paramilitary and murder a black man every twenty-eight hours? THAT civilized society? P'wah, that's rich.

11 Sep 2014

Obama says he doesn't have a plan.
He does, however have a really good excuse.

03 Sep 2014

"this comparative is wrong and immoral!!!"

Alright, the troll posted!
Looks like I've got a winner here.

03 Sep 2014

Just got my vote, Miguel. ...and, yeah, whoever shot that video wasn't exactly the next Quentin Tarantino, that's for sure. I can understand the rough, amateurish look of the video, though -- after all, these guys are guerilla fighter types, not trained in videography, so it's all "underground" looking stuff, shot with whatever was at hand, usually a smartphone.

Your comment reminds me of a video that was splattered all over US television during the last Iraq War, that the US media claimed was of Osama Bin Laden in a meeting or something, except that anyone who was paying attention could tell that the guy in the shot was totally NOT Bin Laden -- wrong skin tone, wrong nose, wrong cheekbones, wrong beard, wrong everything. Not even close. The video was debunked in a New York minute, and the US media were pretty much laughed out of the room.

While I can't agree with you on the whole Nineleven "false flag" story -- there's tons of independent engineering evidence blowing holes in that whole "controlled demolition" story -- I learned long ago that anything coming from US state mouthpieces and US mass media is pretty much lies, and really third-rate lying at that. You'd think that with all the money and resources at their disposal, they could come up with better lies than the equivalent of "my dog ate my homework". It's as bad as old-school Soviet state lying -- "Comrade Chairman was killed in a hunting accident..."

22 Aug 2014

Wow, I got a comment from that "Rider" dude. I guess that means I've finally "arrived".

10 Aug 2014

Good one, Ramses! Reminds me of an old Bugs Bunny gag.

25 Jul 2014

I know this sounds cynical as hell, but I knew this whole "bring back our girls" thing was pretty much done when a gaggle of Hollywood celebrities climbed aboard, along with Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Now, on Twitter, it's pretty much degenerated into something along the lines of that "Kony 2012" circus. Sad, really.

09 May 2014

Hey, alright! It's the Little Man In The Boat! (heh heh)

25 Jan 2014