• Behind-the-Scenes: Marian Kamensky

    Behind-the-Scenes: Marian Kamensky

    Behind-the-Scenes is an ongoing series on our blog that shows how cartoonists work. In this edition we feature Marian Kamensky from Vienna, to see how he creates a cartoon on Berlusconi in prison.

    15 Jul 2013
  • Cartoons Show Fault Lines in Egypt

    Cartoons Show Fault Lines in Egypt

    The New Yorker writes about how the cartoons that are published in Egypt show the divisions in Egyptian society. The article features a slideshow of (translated) cartoons by pro- and anti-Morsi cartoonists.

    10 Jul 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Shahrokh Heidari

    New Cartoonist: Shahrokh Heidari

    Shahrokh Heidari is an Iranian cartoonist who currently lives in Paris, France. He has cooperated with more than ten weekly and daily newspapers in Iran, and currently he is working with iranwire.com and universaltolerance.org. He has won several international awards. You can see more of his work on his blog.

    08 Jul 2013
  • Interview with Mohammad Saba'aneh

    Interview with Mohammad Saba'aneh

    When Mohammad Saba'aneh was released, the arabic desk of RNW talked to him at the prison gates. An English version of the interview was posted by PRI's The World. When asked what was the hardest thing in prison, Sabaaneh answers: “I cannot say what was the hardest, everything is hard from the interrogation to the circumstances in the prison itself, to even the moment of release. Read the full interview here.

    03 Jul 2013
  • Mohammad Saba'aneh Released

    Mohammad Saba'aneh Released

    Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba'aneh was arrested on February 16 by Israeli authorities and sentenced to 5 months in prison for 'contact with a hostile organization'. Many suspect his sentence was because of his work as a critical cartoonist. Yesterday, he was released. (Image courtesy of Al Hayat)

    02 Jul 2013
  • A Year of Drawing Morsi

    A Year of Drawing Morsi

    The New Yorker has posted an article about editorial cartoons mocking president Morsi in Egypt. During the reign of Mubarak, no one could make fun of the president, but things have changed since the Arab Spring. The article also features a slideshow of six Egyptian cartoonist, showing and explaining their work.

    01 Jul 2013
  • Short Holiday Break

    Short Holiday Break

    The editors of Cartoon Movement are taking a short break from their work. We will be back on Monday July 1st; until then, there will be no new updates on the blog or homepage. The newsroom will, however, be open for business.

    23 Jun 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Firuz Kutal

    New Cartoonist: Firuz Kutal

    Firuz Kutal is a political cartoonist and illustrator of Turkish origin. In 1985 he moved to Norway, where he studied at the Oslo National College of Applied Arts. In 2009 he received a Citation for Excellence in the United Nations Political Cartoon Award. He is member of Cartooning for Peace and FECO Norway.

    21 Jun 2013
  • Female Superheroes

    Female Superheroes

    Cartoon Movement is partnering with Butch & Sundance, a Dutch collective of media pioneers and social entrepreneurs (as they describe themselves) to tell inspiring stories of women in conflict zones. Read more about this project on the blog.

    19 Jun 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Doddy Iswahyudi

    New Cartoonist: Doddy Iswahyudi

    Slowly but surely we're closing in on our goal of having at least one cartoonist in every country on earth. The first one from Indonesia joins us this week. Doddy Iswahyudi is a freelance cartoonist whose work has appeared in the Jakarta Post and various other national and international publications. His style of working, doing both the drawing and coloring by hand, is becoming rare in this age of graphic software.

    18 Jun 2013
  • Zunar Appeals 2010 Arrest

    Zunar Appeals 2010 Arrest

    Malaysian cartoonist and CM member Zunar reports on the appeal on his arrest and detention in 2010: 'The Appellate Court has set 18th of June to hear my appeal on the decision of the Kuala Lumpur High Court's ruling regarding detention of me under the Sedition Act three years ago' Read more on our blog.

    17 Jun 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Carlos David Fuentes

    New Cartoonist: Carlos David Fuentes

    We're delighted to welcome another excellent artist from Cuba to our community! Carlos David Fuentes is a contributor to the humor section of Juventud Rebelde and the monthly La Calle del Medio, both Cuban publications.

    14 Jun 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Igor Kolgarev

    New Cartoonist: Igor Kolgarev

    Igor Kolgarev is a cartoonist from Moscow. His first cartoon was published in 1983, and since then, he has been a regular contributor to various Russian newspapers and magazines.

    13 Jun 2013
  • Bizarre Twist in Story Prageeth Eknaligoda

    Bizarre Twist in Story Prageeth Eknaligoda

    Prageeth Eknaligoda is a journalist and cartoonist from Sri Lanka, who has been missing since 2010, and is believed to have been murdered by the government. Now, that same government is claiming Prageeth is alive and well in France. Read the full story on our blog.

    12 Jun 2013
  • New York Times Features Khalid Albaih

    New York Times Features Khalid Albaih

    CM member Khalid Albaih, a Sudanese cartoonist currently living in Qatar, and one of the prominent young voices in the Arab World, is featured by the New York Times: 'There are many players in a protest — the sign makers, the rabble rousers, the logisticians. And then there are the political cartoonists, who sketch the events unfolding on the streets and, if they are like Khalid Albaih, inspire even more tumult.'

    11 Jun 2013