• New Cartoonist: Enrico Occupati

    New Cartoonist: Enrico Occupati

    Enrico Occupati is a cartoonist hailing from Florence, Italy. His work is published in th historical satirical monthly Il Vernacoliere, and other news and satirical websites.

    15 Oct 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Xavier Vives Mateu

    New Cartoonist: Xavier Vives Mateu

    Another first for Cartoon Movement as we add a Disney illustrator to our community: Xavier Vives Mateu. Xavier not only draws Donald Duck, but also does editorial illustrations for newspapers and magazines (which he'll be contributing to CM as well).

    10 Oct 2013
  • 50 Years On, Still Hungry

    50 Years On, Still Hungry

    Tomorrow we publish a comics journalism piece by Victor Ndula from Kenya. '50 Years On, Still Hungry' explores the issue of food security in rural parts of Kenya. Sponsored by the African Media Initiative (AMI), Victor traveled to Mwingi, a drought-ridden region east of Nairobi to find out how the Kenyan government, with the help of NGOs, is tackling this problem.

    09 Oct 2013
  • Social Enterprise NL

    Social Enterprise NL

    Social Enterprise NL is a Dutch organisation that aims to assist and promote social enterprises in the Netherlands. They have recently renewed their website, and we were asked to create the visuals for the new site. Cuban artist Alex Falco created 25 images to illustrate the different sections of the website. You can see them all on our blog.

    07 Oct 2013
  • The Hidden Power of Innocent Lines

    The Hidden Power of Innocent Lines

    Fiestoforo is a cartoonist from Chile now residing in the United Kingdom. His work forcuses mainly on injustice, and the many forms it takes. We talk to him about how he works, and about the cartoon as a form of protest. Read the interview on our blog.

    04 Oct 2013
  • 'There is No Future for Art in Sudan'

    'There is No Future for Art in Sudan'

    We talk to Sudanese cartoonist Talal Nayer about being a political cartoonist in the conflict-ridden country: 'It is forbidden to draw the face of al-Bashir, even if the cartoon is a compliment of the president. Editors-in-chief receive a list of unwanted subjects for publishing. Free political cartoonists are not welcome in this country.' Read the full interview on our blog.

    30 Sep 2013
  • Educational Comics

    Educational Comics

    We recently produced a series of comics, drawn by Pedro X. Molina, to be part of an educational package on the Supreme Court of the Netherlands for middle school students. Six one-page comics illustrate the role and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. The comics can be seen here, but be warned: they're in Dutch.

    25 Sep 2013
  • Grand Theft Eurozone

    Grand Theft Eurozone

    We have added a new shirt design to our t-shirt webshop. If you're a fan of GTA, but not of the economic policy of the EU, then this shirt is definitely for you. Image by Manos Symeonakis.

    23 Sep 2013
  • Arab Spring and Cartoonists

    Arab Spring and Cartoonists

    UK's Channel 4 has broadcasted a report on the Arab uprisings and the role of cartoonists, featuring an interview with Khalid Albaih, and also showing the work of Doaa Eladl. Recommended watching!

    19 Sep 2013
  • Monthly Cartoon for Offiziere.ch

    Monthly Cartoon for Offiziere.ch

    We have started contributing a monthly cartoon to Offiziere.ch, kicking off with a cartoon by Enrico Bertuccioli on Obama and his decision to launch a military intervention in Syria. It was scheduled to run on Cartoon Movement as well; but, alas, events have overtaken the image (or, as we at Cartoon Movement like to think, Mr. Obama saw the cartoon and took it to heart).

    18 Sep 2013
  • The Business of Guns

    The Business of Guns

    Did you know there are over 130,000 licensed gun dealers in the US, compared to 36,500 grocery stores? OnlineMBA.com, an educational resource site, contacted us and asked if we might be interested in featuring a video about the US gun industry on our blog. In the past, we've posted similar videos with illustration and animation, and this one is also worth watching.

    16 Sep 2013
  • Khartoon! in London

    Khartoon! in London

    Khalid Albaih, acclaimed political cartoonist from Qatar (and CM member) will be exhibiting in London this month. If you are in the area, we highly recommend that you pay a visit to see his amazing art. For more info, check our blog.

    13 Sep 2013
  • Discussing the ICC Kenya Trials

    Discussing the ICC Kenya Trials

    Yesterday, the trial against Kenya's Deputy President Ruto commenced. RNW has launched a platform to discuss the Kenyatta, Ruto and Sang trials at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Our cartoonists provide the visuals to fuel the discussion.

    11 Sep 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Ibraheem Alawamleh

    New Cartoonist: Ibraheem Alawamleh

    Ibraheem Alawamleh is a 29-year old graphic designer, caricaturist and cartoonist from Amman, Jordan. His cartoons are made using digital software. Check out his Facebook page to see more of his work.

    10 Sep 2013
  • TEDxHagueAcademy


    Today, the Peace Palace in The Hague is host to TEDxHagueAcademy, a TEDx event with a focus on peace, justice and human rights. Nine excellent speakers will talk about subjects ranging from the Sharia to the international role of China. Our cartoonists have been asked to visualize the subjects: the result will be shown in between the different sessions. Watch the livestream here.

    09 Sep 2013