• Launch Female Superheroes

    Launch Female Superheroes

    Female Superheroes, an interactive project featuring comics, gaming and journalism, is in its final testing phase. The project tells the stories of three women from Egypt, Sudan and Burma, and how they become heroes by the choices the make. CM artist Tom Humberstone did all the artwork. The project will be featured on Cartoon Movement next week, so stay tuned.

    11 Dec 2013
  • Interview with Khalid Albaih

    Interview with Khalid Albaih

    Khalid Albaih is Sudanese, but has been living in Qatar since he was 10 year old. His cartoons, that focuses mainly on the Arab World and Sudan, have become immensely popular in the last two years. While in Doha, we met up with him to talk about his work, and about the future of the region. Read the interview here.

    09 Dec 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Francis Odupute

    New Cartoonist: Francis Odupute

    Francis Odupute is a cartoonist from Nigeria, where he works for the Nigeria Observer. He is also committed to promoting cartoons and comics journalism in Africa, and is teamleader for both the Grafic Reporters Global Media Network and African Press Cartoon Syndication Company, one of the organizers of the Cartoon Africa International Biennial.

    05 Dec 2013
  • New cartoonist: Ricardo Bermúdez

    New cartoonist: Ricardo Bermúdez

    We're very happy to welcome Ricardo Bermúdez from Cuba to Cartoon Movement, to further strenghten the community of Cuban cartoonists in our newsroom.

    02 Dec 2013
  • Cartoon Movement in Qatar

    Cartoon Movement in Qatar

    This week, we are in Doha, Qatar, at the invitation of the Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF). The main reason for the visit is to talk about a partnership with the aim of strengthening support for cartoonists in trouble because of their work. If you are interested to learn more about our plans, check out the blog for an update.

    28 Nov 2013
  • Algerian Cartoonist Prosecuted for Unpublished Cartoon

    Algerian Cartoonist Prosecuted for Unpublished Cartoon

    Arab Cartoon House reports that Algerian newspaper La voix de l'Oranie is prosecuting cartoonist Jamal Ghanem for a cartoon he never even published. According the cartoonist, the legal action is the result of a labor dispute between him and the newspaper. Read more on our blog.

    24 Nov 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Khaldoon Gharaibeh

    New Cartoonist: Khaldoon Gharaibeh

    Khaldoon Gharaibeh is a cartoonist from Jordan. His work appears in Al Ra'i, a major daily newspaper in Jordan. To see more of Khaldoon's work, check out his website.

    22 Nov 2013
  • Day to End Impunity

    Day to End Impunity

    Saturday November 23 is the International Day to End Impunity, a 'a day dedicated to a call to action to demand justice for those who have been targeted for exercising their right to freedom of expression.' One of the people you can support (with a simple tweet) is Egyptian cartoonist and CM member Doaa Eladl.

    18 Nov 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Adnane Jabir

    New Cartoonist: Adnane Jabir

    Adnane Jabir is an artist from Meknes, Morocco. He is an art teacher, and a brilliant caricaturist. His work is published in various e-magazines and the newspaper Al Akhbar.

    15 Nov 2013
  • Turning the Unknown into the Known

    Turning the Unknown into the Known

    If you're interested to find out more about the production of today's comics journalism piece on homelessness in Brazil, check out our interview with the auhor Augusto Paim: 'The homeless stay on the same sidewalks where other people walk fast in their daily routines. But they are unseen. Why? Because they are the unknown. But the unknown can turn into the known very easily' Read the full interview here.

    13 Nov 2013
  • Cartoonist Seeks Refuge in Norway

    Cartoonist Seeks Refuge in Norway

    Palestinian cartoonist Fadi About Hassan has had a difficult time over the last few years. Residing in Syria, his cartoons angered the Assad regime and government forces. In 2012, Fadi was forced to leave the country; last month, with the help of ICORN and CRNI, he arrived safely in Norway.

    07 Nov 2013
  • Preview: 'So Close, Far Away!'

    Preview: 'So Close, Far Away!'

    Next week we have something special lined up. After months of writing, drawing, programming and editing, 'So Close, Faraway!', an interactive comics journalism journey that will take you into the world of the homeless in Brazil, is finally ready for publication. Check out a preview on our blog.

    06 Nov 2013
  • Cartoons on Tolerance

    Cartoons on Tolerance

    Colombian cartoonist (and Cartoon Movement member) Elena Ospina is one of the winners of the first international cartoon contest on tolerance, organized by the Universal Tolerance Organization. You can see the other winners here.

    04 Nov 2013
  • Zunar Loses Appeal

    Zunar Loses Appeal

    Malaysian cartoonist Zunar reports that the appeal against his 2010 arrest was dismissed by the Appeals Court of Malaysia: 'The Appeals Court of Malaysia today dismissed my appeal against the High Court decision last year which ruled that the police have a right to arrest and detain me.' To me, today's judgement is unacceptable.' Read more on our blog.

    01 Nov 2013
  • New Shirt Design: Uncle Sam's Hat

    New Shirt Design: Uncle Sam's Hat

    We have added a new design to our t-shirt webshop based on this cartoon by Tomas. Uncle Sam is such a good listener...

    31 Oct 2013