• New Cartoonist: Gatis Sluka

    New Cartoonist: Gatis Sluka

    Gatis Sluka is the first cartoonist from Latvia to join us. His first cartoon was published in 1993, and since 1998 his work appears in the Latvian newspaper Latvijas Avize.

    17 Mar 2014
  • New Cartoonist: Zurum

    New Cartoonist: Zurum

    Antionio Ursini (artist name Zurum) is a cartoonist from Perugia in Italy. He is the 17th cartoonist from Italy to join Cartoon Movement. To see more of his cartoons, visit his blog.

    14 Mar 2014
  • New cartoonist: Sergey Elkin

    New cartoonist: Sergey Elkin

    Sergey Elkin is a cartoonist from Moscow, Russia. His work appears in the English daily newspaper The Moscow Times.

    12 Mar 2014
  • Outdoor Exhibition in Amsterdam

    Outdoor Exhibition in Amsterdam

    Cartoon Movement is participating in an outdoor art exhibition in Amsterdam. During the month of March, the work of Amsterdam-based comic artists and cartoonists is showcased on large sheets of canvas that are wrapped around pillars in the Kinkerstraat, a busy shopping street in the west of Amsterdam.

    10 Mar 2014
  • Emilio Agra, 1952 – 2014

    Emilio Agra, 1952 – 2014

    We are very sad to learn Spanish-Venezuelan cartoonist and CM contributor Emilio Agra has passed away. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family; we will miss his unique cartoons. Last year, we interviewed Emilio about cartooning in Venzuela.

    06 Mar 2014
  • Cartooning in Palestine

    Cartooning in Palestine

    Last month we reported on Palestinian Cartoonist Majda Shaheen, who received death threats in a response to one of her cartoons that was critical of Hamas. Al-Monitor has a nice follow-up, giving some context and background on the situation for political cartoonists in the Palestinian Territories.

    03 Mar 2014
  • New Cartoonist: Makhmud Eshonkulov

    New Cartoonist: Makhmud Eshonkulov

    We're one step closer to our ultimate aim of having (at least) one cartoonist from every country on earth, as we welcome the first member from Uzbekistan. Makhmud Eshonkulov is a well-known artist hailing from Tashkent, who has won an impressive number of awards with his work.

    27 Feb 2014
  • New Cartoonist: Emrah Arikan

    New Cartoonist: Emrah Arikan

    We are pleased to welcome Turkish cartoonist Emrah Arikan to Cartoon Movement. He has won numerous awards for his work. Check out more of his cartoons here.

    25 Feb 2014
  • 'Cartooning is the Art of Danger'

    'Cartooning is the Art of Danger'

    Iranian cartoonist and CM member Kianoush Ramezani will be one of the speakers at TedxHagueAcademy on Secure Societies, which will take place March 19 in The Hague. Kianous: 'Cartooning is the art of danger because it is a tool for addressing tough subjects.' Read more on the blog.

    22 Feb 2014
  • Indian Cartoon Crusader

    Indian Cartoon Crusader

    Kanika is a 33-year old illustrator and cartoonist from Mumbai. Last year, she created the female cartoon character Karnika Kahen, and started a series of cartoons that criticized the controversial Indian godman Asaram Bapu. She received death threats because of these cartoons. Read the full story on our blog.

    20 Feb 2014
  • Press Freedom Cartoon Competition

    Press Freedom Cartoon Competition

    The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom has announced their 14th International Editorial Cartoon Competition. The theme for the competition is Big Brother is watching you, and focuses on how the spying activities of the NSA and other governments around the world adversely affect the communications of the individual. Read more on our blog.

    17 Feb 2014
  • CM Cartoonists Win at PCE

    CM Cartoonists Win at PCE

    Press Cartoon Europe, an international contest that awards the best cartoon published in any European country, announced the winners yesterday. We're very proud that the awarded cartoons are all made by cartoonists who contribute to Cartoon Movement. The Grand Prix went to Rodrigo de Matos, second prize to Tjeerd Royaards, and third prize to Hajo de Reijger.

    14 Feb 2014
  • Cartoon News from Iran

    Cartoon News from Iran

    Cartoonists Rights Network International has announced a cartoon competition dedicated to cartoonists in Iran and the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has publish a book of cartoons titled 'Drawing Repression'. Read more on our blog.

    10 Feb 2014
  • Let's Share This

    Let's Share This

    We've started a new project for Cordaid, one of the largest development organizations in the Netherlands. On February 6, Cordaid launched a new platform to celebrate their 100th birthday by sharing the stories of silent helpers. We're contibruting cartoons, as well as creating a 50-page comic about the history of helping. Read more on our blog.

    07 Feb 2014
  • Dangerous Job: Cartoonist

    Dangerous Job: Cartoonist

    2014 isn't off to a great start for cartooning, with cartoonists from Palestine and Ecuador facing death threats and legal threats respectively. Bonil is one of the first targets of a new and controversial communication law in Ecuador, and Majda Shaheen is facing the prospect of violent retaliation over a cartoon about Hamas and the al-Quds brigades. Read more on our blog.

    02 Feb 2014