• Promoting French Comics Culture

    Promoting French Comics Culture

    France has a thriving comics culture. The Culturethèque, part of the Institut Français in the UK, is organizing a festival from 30 May to June 2 to promote and celebrate French comic culture: BD & Comics Passion. Read more on our blog.

    23 May 2013
  • New Partnership: news247.gr

    New Partnership: news247.gr

    Cartoon Movement is starting a cooperation with one of the main news websites in Greece, news247.gr. The website informs over 1.5 million visitors each month about news, current events and human interest stories. Read more about this partnership on our blog.

    22 May 2013
  • New Shirt Design: Freedom

    New Shirt Design: Freedom

    We have added a new design to our t-shirt webshop. The meaning of freedom becomes truly apparent when you experience oppression: cartoon by Elihu Duayer.

    21 May 2013
  • Cartoonists Against Electoral Fraud

    Cartoonists Against Electoral Fraud

    Well-known Malaysian cartoonist (and Cartoon Movement member) Zunar has set up set up a movement called Cartoonists Against Election Fraud (CAEF) Malaysia, to protest against alleged fraud in the recent general elections in Malaysia. Read his statement on our blog.

    15 May 2013
  • 15 Cartoons That Changed the World

    15 Cartoons That Changed the World

    In March, we reviewed The Art of Controversy by Victor S. Navasky, a (historic) tour of 30 of the world's best cartoonists and the controversial work they created. In a post on Buzzfeed, Navasky has compiled a list of 15 cartoons that had a profound and lasting impact on the world. All these cartoons are also features in the book.

    14 May 2013
  • Short Holiday Break

    Short Holiday Break

    The editors of Cartoon Movement are taking a short break from their work. We will be back on Tuesday May 14; until then, there will be no new updates on the blog or homepage. The newsroom will, however, be open for business.

    09 May 2013
  • New Shirt Design: Fear

    New Shirt Design: Fear

    We have added a new design to our t-shirt webshop. Imprisoned by your own fears and thoughts: cartoon by Pedro X. Molina.

    08 May 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Jehad Awrtani

    New Cartoonist: Jehad Awrtani

    Jehad Awrtani is a professional editorial cartoonist from Jordan, working for newspapers in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. More of his work (in Arabic) can be seen on his Facebook page.

    07 May 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Thomas Wong

    New Cartoonist: Thomas Wong

    Thomas Wong was born in 1948 in China, and now lives in Canada. His cartoons appeared the New Statesman, and numerous publications in Asia. His specialty is political satire for Asia Pacific region and international politics.

    06 May 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Payam Borumand

    New Cartoonist: Payam Borumand

    Payam Borumand is a cartoonist from Iran. He graduated from Islamic Azad University, Faculty of Arts in 2007. Since then, he has been working as a cartoonist in Iranian newspapers magazines. He currently works at two newspapers: Etemad and Newholiday.

    03 May 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Kyaw Thu Yein

    New Cartoonist: Kyaw Thu Yein

    Kyaw Thu Yein is a freelance cartoonist, and the second artist to join us from Myanmar. His career started in 2000, drawing cartoons for various local magazines and journals. Currently, he is a contributor to weekly journals The Voice Weekly and Eleven News.

    02 May 2013
  • About Freedom

    About Freedom

    Cartoon Movement is partnering with international film festival About Freedom, taking place on May 5th in Breda, the Netherlands. In the run-up to the festival, we're asking our cartoonists to illustrate five perspectives on freedom. Check out the project newsroom here.

    01 May 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Lorenzo Conti

    New Cartoonist: Lorenzo Conti

    More and more Italian artists find their way to our platform. Although Lorenzo Conti is still a student at the Officina B5 Academy of Illustration in Rome, the quality of his work makes him more than qualified to join our network of professional artists.

    30 Apr 2013
  • New Partnership: 7Days

    New Partnership: 7Days

    7Days is a weekly newspaper in the Netherlands for young readers aged between 12 and 18. This month, the newspaper has been restyled, and a new feature is a weekly political cartoon on the comics page, which we will provide. Input for the restyling of the newspaper came from polling the readers about their wishes. Surprisingly, one of the things the readers missed was a political cartoon.

    25 Apr 2013
  • Interview with Liza Donnelly

    Interview with Liza Donnelly

    On the blog, we interview with Liza Donnelly. Liza is a cartoonist for The New Yorker; her cartoons also appear on Forbes.comand Women's eNews.org. We talk to her about women, cartoons and humor.

    22 Apr 2013