• New Cartoonist: Olive

    New Cartoonist: Olive

    Olive is a cartoonist from France. His work is distinctive and colorful. To see more of his cartoons, visit his Facebook page.

    12 Oct 2015
  • New Cartoonist: Emad Hajjaj

    New Cartoonist: Emad Hajjaj

    Emad Hajjaj is a cartoonist from Jordan. Als known as Abu Mahjoob, he has been a cartoonist in the Middle East for 20 years. In his cartoons, he has adopted the values of the Arab Spring. He has won the Dubai Press Award twice, and is considered one of the 500 most influential figures in the Arab world according to Arabian Business Magazine. He currently works for Alaraby Al Jadeed newspaper in London.

    06 Oct 2015
  • New Cartoonist: Abolfazl Mohtarami

    New Cartoonist: Abolfazl Mohtarami

    Abolfazl Mohtarami is an award-winning cartoonist and animator from Tehran, Iran.

    01 Oct 2015
  • Cartoonists in Caen - Recap

    Cartoonists in Caen - Recap

    On our blog, we look back on the 5th International Meeting of Press Cartoonists, which took place on September 11-12 and 13 in Caen (France). The event brought together 35 political cartoonists from all over the globe.

    25 Sep 2015
  • Crowdfunding a Comic

    Crowdfunding a Comic

    Together with Yournalism, we’re launching our first ever crowdfunding campaign. We’re looking to fund a 4-page comic on the situation in Greece, to be created by Greek comic artist Spiros Derveniotis. If successful, we aim to do a series of comics titled Meanwhile in Greece. Check out the campaign page here. If you enjoy comics journalism, please consider giving a contribution!

    17 Sep 2015
  • Cartoonists Meet Under Heavy Security

    Cartoonists Meet Under Heavy Security

    Washington Post cartoonist Ann Telnaes writes about the international meeting of cartoonists in Caen that took place over the weekend under heavy police security. We’ll have our own write-up about the meeting on our blog next week.

    16 Sep 2015
  • New Cartoonist: Salman Taheri

    New Cartoonist: Salman Taheri

    Salman Taheri is a cartoonist and illustrator from Iran. Although he studied civil engineering, his passion for drawing lead him to be a cartoonist, and he started publishing in the press in 1999.

    14 Sep 2015
  • Cartoonists Meet in France

    Cartoonists Meet in France

    Next week, Cartoon Movement will be present at the 5th International Meeting of Press Cartoonists at the Memorial of Caen in France. Many of the world’s best cartoonists will gather to discuss the state of editorial cartooning after Charlie Hebdo. We will report from France with cartoons, photos and interviews.

    04 Sep 2015
  • New Cartoonist: Nanda Soobben

    New Cartoonist: Nanda Soobben

    Nanda Soobben is an award-winning cartoonist from South Africa. He was the only cartoonist of colour during Apartheid. He lived in exile in Brazil and the United States and is the recipient of an Amnesty International Award for ‘speaking the truth through the power of cartoons’. We’re very pleased to add such an esteemed cartoonist to Cartoon Movement.

    28 Aug 2015
  • Exhibition: My Peace, Your Peace

    Exhibition: My Peace, Your Peace

    Because of the popularity of our Peace & Justice project, we have decided to continue the competition in 2016. An exhibition of the best ideas and cartoons that were submitted throughout 2015 will be on display during the Just Peace festival in the Peace Palace and the city hall of The Hague from September 18 until September 21. Check out the ideas than have come in here, and the cartoons they have inspired here.

    25 Aug 2015
  • Zunar Wins Human Rights Award

    Zunar Wins Human Rights Award

    Malaysian cartoonist Zunar has received an award from Human Rights Watch. The award is a cash grant that will help Zunar fight his battle for freedom of expression. The artist currently faces nine charges of sedition and could be sentenced to over 40 years in jail if found guilty.

    19 Aug 2015
  • Comic: 'I Wished For My Child's Death'

    Comic: 'I Wished For My Child's Death'

    Over the last six months, we have been involved in the production of four comics on post-election violence in Kenya and Ivory Coast for Justice Hub. Two weeks ago, we published the first of these comics and on Wednesday we will publish the second, about a woman struggling to love her child, who was conceived in a gang rape.

    17 Aug 2015
  • Atena Farghadani Receives Courage  in Cartooning Award

    Atena Farghadani Receives Courage in Cartooning Award

    Cartoonists Rights Network International announces the 2015 Courage in Cartooning award is being given to Iranian artist-activist Atena Farghadani. Atena was jailed in Tehran in August of 2014 after publishing a cartoon in protest of proposed legislation that would restrict birth control and women’s rights in Iran. Check out our cartoon collection in support of Atena.

    13 Aug 2015
  • New Cartoonist: Julian PENA-PAI

    New Cartoonist: Julian PENA-PAI

    Julian PENA-PAI is an award-winning cartoonist from Romania.

    05 Aug 2015
  • Comic: 'I Looted and Burned'

    Comic: 'I Looted and Burned'

    Over the last six months, we have been involved in the production of four comics on post-election violence in Kenya and Ivory Coast. These comics were commissioned by Justice Hub and had their first publication there, but they will also be published on Cartoon Movement in the coming weeks. On Wednesday, we publish the story of Calvins, a young father of two who became a looter after the 2007 election result in Kenya.

    03 Aug 2015