• New cartoonists

    New cartoonists

    Last week, we welcomed our first cartoonist from Afghanistan; this week, we welcome our first cartoonist from Malta. We're also very happy to welcome a new cartoonist from Ukraine. We introduce them on the blog.

    07 Jul 2014
  • Copy or Coincidence?

    Copy or Coincidence?

    In light of a petition on Change.org calling the change the rules of cartoon competitions to ensure original works, CM editor Tjeerd Royaards writes about cartoons and plagiarism. Are cartoonists plagiarizing to an extent that justifies taking action, or should we just accept that coincidences happen, laugh about it, and create more cartoons? Read the full post here.

    04 Jul 2014
  • New Cartoonist: Mehdi Amini

    New Cartoonist: Mehdi Amini

    We're delighted to welcome the first cartoonist from Afghanistan to our community. Mehdi Amini is a 31-year old political cartoonist from Kabul. His work is considered too extreme in a country where freedoms are increasingly restricted and the Taliban has renewed control in some regions, so we are very happy to be able to provide platform for his cartoons.

    01 Jul 2014
  • Coming Next Week: The Silent Helper

    Coming Next Week: The Silent Helper

    On Wednesday July 2, we publish chapter 2 of A Century of Silent Helpers, a 50-page comic chronicling the history of Cordaid (a catholic Dutch development aid organization), within the broader context of the history of international development aid in the 20th century. The second chapter tells the story of Jos van Mackelenberg, president of a predecessor of Cordaid during World War II, who risked his life to save two Jewish children.

    26 Jun 2014
  • Cartoons & International Justice

    Cartoons & International Justice

    Many of our cartoons focus on international justice this year. We are partnering with JusticeHub, a new platform on international justice that will launch soon. Our JusitceHub newsroom brings together cartoons on various topics related to international justice. In addition we also have specific newsrooms that focus on the Kenya Trials, and on the trail against Gbagbo, ex-president of Ivory Coast.

    24 Jun 2014
  • Not Convinced About Mixing Comics and Serious Journalism? Watch This!

    Not Convinced About Mixing Comics and Serious Journalism? Watch This!

    Joyce Rice and Erin Polgreen of Symbolia talk at Cusp about the power of comics journalism. Highly recommended watching for those of you not entirely convinced yet of mixing comics and serious journalism.

    15 Jun 2014
  • New Graphic Journalism Magazine

    New Graphic Journalism Magazine

    This summer (depending on a successful Kickstarter campaign), three students of the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London are launching Modern Times, a magazine full of graphic journalism. On our blog, we talk to Katherine Hearst, one of the students behind this initiative.

    12 Jun 2014
  • Cartoonists Resign over Censorship

    Cartoonists Resign over Censorship

    14 cartoonists have resigned from working for Spanish satirical magazine El Jueves, because of the publisher's decision to pulp 60,000 copies of the magazine over a supposedly offensive cover. The cover cartoon depicts the abdication of king Juan Carlos I, handing over a crown (and a dubious legacy) to his son Felipe VI.

    10 Jun 2014
  • New Cartoonist: Luca Garcia

    New Cartoonist: Luca Garcia

    Luca Garcia is a cartoonist from Caracas, Venezuela. He makes a daily cartoon for Venezualen newspaper '2001'. In addition, Luca is illustrator, graphic designer, and published author.

    06 Jun 2014
  • Nominate a Courageous Cartoonist

    Nominate a Courageous Cartoonist

    Cartoonists Rights Network International calls for nominations for their annual Award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning. Every year and CRNI gives this award to a political or social cartoonist who has demonstrated exceptional courage in the face of overwhelming threats while pursuing their Article 19 freedom of speech rights and the art of political cartooning. Read more on our blog.

    02 Jun 2014
  • Collective Awareness Platforms

    Collective Awareness Platforms

    We've launched a new project with CAPS2020, looking for cartoons on Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation. CAPS are non-commercial, open Internet platforms, connecting citizens to each other to come up with ideas for social innovation and for a more sustainable world. Take a look in our project newsroom.

    30 May 2014
  • Europe's Biggest Challenge? Europe.

    Europe's Biggest Challenge? Europe.

    Drawing Citizenship (a cartoon project reflecting on European citizenship in the run-up to the European elections, in cooperation with the European Cultural Foundation) has drawn to a close, with the selection of 8 cartoons out of more than 200 submissions from both Europe and the rest of the world. On our blog, we reflect on how cartoonists view Europe.

    28 May 2014
  • New Cartoonists

    New Cartoonists

    Three new cartoonists have joined Cartoon Movement: Vinod Tripathi from India, Vladimir Khakhanov from Russia, and Predrag Srbljanin from Serbia. We introduce them on our blog.

    26 May 2014
  • Comic Preview

    Comic Preview

    This week we published the first chapter of A Century of Silent Helpers, a 50-page comic about the history of development aid. Part 1 is set in 1914, as Dutch families take in Belgian children who have lost their parents because of the outbreak of the First World War. Next month we publish part 2, telling the story of a silent helper during the Second World War. Check out our blog for a preview.

    23 May 2014
  • World Milk Day

    World Milk Day

    One of the quirkier projects we're currently running is about milk. You probably didn't know that June 1st is World Milk Day. An independent Dutch platform focused on the (international) dairy sector asked us to make cartoons about milk, focusing on issues such as sustainability and the need to feed a growing world population. Our cartoonists have more to say on the subject than we thought. Take a look here.

    21 May 2014