• Sketch Freedom

    Sketch Freedom

    The second edition of Sketch Freedom, an international cartoon expo, will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden in early 2015. Organized by exiled Iranian cartoonist and activist Kianoush Ramezani, the expo is an official event of the Gothenburg Film Festival, and brings together the work of many great cartoonists from all corners of the globe. Read more on our blog.

    08 Dec 2014
  • Check Out Our Collections Page

    Check Out Our Collections Page

    Tucked away on our site, our collections page offers over 90 cartoon collections varying from cartoons based on famous art to how cartoonists think about capitalism. Other subjects include gender equality, immigration, sustainability, and many more.

    04 Dec 2014
  • Our First Infocomic

    Our First Infocomic

    For Justice Hub, we were asked to create an infographic that would explain how judges for the International Criminal Court are appointed. We came up with an infocomic, a crossover between a comic and an infographic, made by Nicaraguan comic artist Pedro X. Molina, which tells the story of the elections in a lighthearted but informative way. Part 1 is online and Part 2 will be published this week.

    01 Dec 2014
  • New Cartoonist: Sulaiman Edrissy

    New Cartoonist: Sulaiman Edrissy

    Sulaiman Edrissy is a photographer and photojournalist from Afghanistan. So what's he doing on a platform for political cartoonists? We feel he fits in with our community because his work mixes photography with drawing to create unique visual commentary. And visual commentary is what we're all about.

    27 Nov 2014
  • New T-shirt Designs

    New T-shirt Designs

    If you haven't visited our webshop for a while (or at all), check out some of the new designs we've added recently. Every purchase supports our cartoonists and our mission to promote and defend political cartooning and freedom of expression.

    25 Nov 2014
  • Let's Talk About International Justice

    Let's Talk About International Justice

    If you're a regular visitor of our newsroom, you might have noticed a lot of cartoons on topics related to the ICC in the past few months. We have partnered with Justice Hub, an international platform focusing on international justice. Read more about it on our blog.

    19 Nov 2014
  • New Police Action Against Zunar

    New Police Action Against Zunar

    The Malaysian government is causing trouble again for cartoonist Zunar. Last month a Malaysian appeals court overturned a government ban on two of Zunar’s books, but the police have now decided open up new investigation against him under The Sedition Act. Human rights organization Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) has issued a statement to condemn the harassment.

    17 Nov 2014
  • The Future of Development Aid

    The Future of Development Aid

    On Monday November 17, we publish the final chapter of A Century of Silent Helpers, our 50-page comic on the history of development aid. The last chapter looks to the future; we ask experts in the field what they think development aid will (and should) look like in the decades to come. Check our blog for a preview page.

    12 Nov 2014
  • Dutch Verdict Could Spell Trouble for Cartoonists

    Dutch Verdict Could Spell Trouble for Cartoonists

    Dutch cartoonist Ruben L. Oppenheimer has been ordered by the court to rectify a cartoon in which he calls a lawyer 'shifty'. The verdict is remarkable, because it has far-reaching implications for political cartoonists and satirists in the Netherlands. Read more on our blog.

    07 Nov 2014
  • Comic Tackles Big Data

    Comic Tackles Big Data

    Comics journalism is doing well. More and more media organizations realize the potential of this form of storytelling. Last week, Al Jazeera America published its first comic, a 46-page graphic novella by Josh Neufeld and Michael Keller titled: Terms of Service: Understanding Our Role in the World of Big Data. The comic is freely available online. On our blog, we've posted a short review.

    04 Nov 2014
  • Cartoon Controversy in Israel

    Cartoon Controversy in Israel

    Israeli newspaper Haarezt has published a controversial cartoon about the strained relationship between the United Sates and Israel. In the cartoon, Amos Biderman compares Netanyahu to a 9/11 hijacker flying a plane into the World Trade Center.

    31 Oct 2014
  • Falco Exhibition in Oslo

    Falco Exhibition in Oslo

    If you live in Oslo (or happen to be in the area), be sure to check out the exhibition by Cuban graphic artist Falco which is currently on display at Gallery E96. More details here. The exhibition will be open until November 3.

    29 Oct 2014
  • Humanitarian Cartoons

    Humanitarian Cartoons

    The modest Kickstarter campaign by the Sphere Project to fund a small part of our joint project Humanitarian Cartoons was a success! The post cards and posters are currently being printed and will be distributed in November.

    27 Oct 2014
  • Blackwater Guards Found Guilty

    Blackwater Guards Found Guilty

    Four former Blackwater security guards were convicted this week for their role in the deadly shooting in Baghdad's Nisoor Square in 2007. If you're interested in a detailed account of the shooting, we recommend you take a look it this excellent interactive graphic report by Dan Archer, published in 2011.

    24 Oct 2014
  • New Cartoonist: Kfir Weizman

    New Cartoonist: Kfir Weizman

    We're delighted to welcome a new cartoonist from Israel to our community: Kfir Weizman is a cartoonist, illustrator and animator based in Modi'in.

    20 Oct 2014