• New Cartoonist: Ali Divandari

    New Cartoonist: Ali Divandari

    Ali Divandari is an artist from Iran. Ali is not only a cartoonist, but also sculptor, painter and journalist. To see his wide range activities, visit his website.

    27 Jan 2014
  • New Cartoonist: Raul Zuleta

    New Cartoonist: Raul Zuleta

    Raul Zuleta is a cartoonist from Guarne in Colombia. Last year, he was one of the winners of the prestigious World Press Cartoon. We're looking forward to seeing his excellent work in our newsroom.

    20 Jan 2014
  • New Project: Peace & Justice

    New Project: Peace & Justice

    On Tueday, an exhibition at the Dutch ambassadors reception in The Hague launched our new project Peace & Justice. Together with World Press Photo, the city of The Hague and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cartoon Movement is launching a project that will involve ambassadors, cartoonists, photographers and students from around the world in a global debate about peace and justice. Read more about the project here.

    16 Jan 2014
  • New Cartoonist: Mohsen Izadi

    New Cartoonist: Mohsen Izadi

    Mohsen Izadi is an Iranian artist who has been active in the field of cartooning since 2003. His work often focuses on children's right and families.

    15 Jan 2014
  • New Cartoonist: Amorim

    New Cartoonist: Amorim

    Carlos Alberto da Costa Amorim is a cartoonist from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. His editorial cartoons, caricatures and comics strips are published in many Brazilian newspapers and magazines.

    10 Jan 2014
  • Comic Demystifies the Life of Migrants

    Comic Demystifies the Life of Migrants

    'Meet the Somalis' tells the stories of Somali migrants in seven cities in Europe. The comic was written by Benjamin Dix and drawn by Lindsay Pollock as part of the At Home in Europe project of the Open Society Foundations. On the blog, we talk to them about this impressive project.

    08 Jan 2014
  • Cartooning in Libya

    Cartooning in Libya

    On the blog, we interview Libyan cartoonist Nabil Fannoush, who contributes a comic strip to the independent daily The New Libya. He's been threatened because of his work, and we talk to him about the situation for cartoonists and journalists in post-Gaddafi Libya. Read the interview here.

    06 Jan 2014
  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    Best wishes for 2014 to everyone! Cartoon Movement turned 3 last month, and we're still going strong. We have some amazing projects lined up for the new year, including a new international version of Kids & Cartoonists, and a 48 page comic on the history of development aid.

    02 Jan 2014
  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays!

    Cartoon Movement is taking a break. We'll be back on Thursday January 2, and we have some exciting projects lined up for 2014! In the meantime, be sure to check out our collection of Xmas cartoons.

    23 Dec 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Xiaofan

    New Cartoonist: Xiaofan

    Xiaofan is one of China’s pioneering cartoonists. In the past ten years he has published cartoons and comics in various magazines and books, criticizing the social and political issues in China. He is now a contributing cartoonist for the well-known dissident news media boxun.com. He is also a member of Reporters Without Borders.

    19 Dec 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Tawfiq Omrane

    New Cartoonist: Tawfiq Omrane

    Tawfiq Omrane is a cartoonist from Tunisia. His work appears regularly in the website of the Kalima Radio and weekly newspaper Sawt Echaab, organ of Tunisian Workers' Party. Additionally, he publishes with the European website The Dissident and the French monthly newspaper CQFD.'

    16 Dec 2013
  • Cartoons on Human Rights Abuses

    Cartoons on Human Rights Abuses

    In May of this year we reviewed Sketches of Iran, published by The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. The Campaign also publishes a weekly cartoon on human rights in Iran and beyond. We have posted some of our favorites on our blog.

    12 Dec 2013
  • Launch Female Superheroes

    Launch Female Superheroes

    Female Superheroes, an interactive project featuring comics, gaming and journalism, is in its final testing phase. The project tells the stories of three women from Egypt, Sudan and Burma, and how they become heroes by the choices the make. CM artist Tom Humberstone did all the artwork. The project will be featured on Cartoon Movement next week, so stay tuned.

    11 Dec 2013
  • Interview with Khalid Albaih

    Interview with Khalid Albaih

    Khalid Albaih is Sudanese, but has been living in Qatar since he was 10 year old. His cartoons, that focuses mainly on the Arab World and Sudan, have become immensely popular in the last two years. While in Doha, we met up with him to talk about his work, and about the future of the region. Read the interview here.

    09 Dec 2013
  • New Cartoonist: Francis Odupute

    New Cartoonist: Francis Odupute

    Francis Odupute is a cartoonist from Nigeria, where he works for the Nigeria Observer. He is also committed to promoting cartoons and comics journalism in Africa, and is teamleader for both the Grafic Reporters Global Media Network and African Press Cartoon Syndication Company, one of the organizers of the Cartoon Africa International Biennial.

    05 Dec 2013