• Cartoon Propaganda

    Cartoon Propaganda

    There’s a line between thought-provoking, sharp, even controversial cartoons and cartoons that are simply propaganda, reinforcing prejudice and hatred. The line is not always clear to see, but sometimes it is, as in the case of the 2nd Holocaust International Cartoon & Caricature Exhibition 2016. We feel the need to state that this competition goes against everything we believe editorial cartoons should stand for. It’s sad to see excellent drawing skills wasted on images that do not in any way contribute to a better world.

    01 Jun 2016
  • Drawing for Freedom

    Drawing for Freedom

    In April, we partnered with Dutch NGO Switch in organizing a cartoon competition for students from 12 to 21 years old. The competition challenged the students to make a cartoon about one the four freedoms of President Roosevelt. Read more (and see the winning cartoons) on our blog.

    27 May 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Dom Nelson

    New Cartoonist: Dom Nelson

    Dom Nelson is an English illustrator/cartoonist based in Melbourne, Australia. Check out more of his work on his website.

    24 May 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Galym Boranbayev

    New Cartoonist: Galym Boranbayev

    We’re proud to add a cartoonist from Kazakhstan to our network. Galym Boranbayev creates stunning cartoons that rely almost purely on visuals to tell the story. His works have won over 30 international awards.

    22 May 2016
  • Humor Without Borders

    Humor Without Borders

    45 cartoons published on Cartoon Movement are currently on display at the Storm P. Museet, a museum in Denmark, as part of an international cartoon exhibition titled ‘Humor Without Borders?’. The exhibition can be seen until September 18.

    20 May 2016
  • Award for Zunar 'Insults' Malaysia

    Award for Zunar 'Insults' Malaysia

    Zunar (Malaysia) and Gado (Kenya) are the recipients of the 2016 Cartooning for Peace Prize. Instead of congratulating Zunar on his award (and accompanying exhibition in Geneva), the Malaysian government called it an ‘insult to the PM [and an] effort […] to topple the prime minster.’ Zunar’s response: ’If a cartoonist can topple the PM, that is not illegal, but hilarious.’

    16 May 2016
  • Corporations Versus Press Freedom

    Corporations Versus Press Freedom

    Rick Friday, cartoonist of Iowa’s Farm News for 21 years, was fired on April 30th after a seed company pulled advertising from the publication following a cartoon critical of big agricultural companies. This is a blatant and frightening example of economic censorship. Read more here.

    11 May 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Mohammed Gajoum

    New Cartoonist: Mohammed Gajoum

    Mohammed Gajoum is a Libyan cartoonist, illustrator and comic artist. He is the first artist from Libya to join Cartoon Movement.

    04 May 2016
  • Good News Week

    Good News Week

    It’s been a week of good news (for a change) in the world of cartooning. On Monday we received news that jailed Iranian artist Atena Farghandani will be released in May. On Tuesday, Hadi Heidari, another Iranian artist, was released from prison.

    29 Apr 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Cristina Bernazzani

    New Cartoonist: Cristina Bernazzani

    Cristina Bernazzani is an editorial illustrator from Italy, working since 1989. She contributes her work to sites like Shutterstock and Fotolia. We’re exited to have her contribute to Cartoon Movement with her excellent work.

    24 Apr 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Giuseppe Maggiore

    New Cartoonist: Giuseppe Maggiore

    Giuseppe Maggiore is a 30-year old cartoonist and illustrator from Italy. His work makes bold statements about politics and society, in a style that almost feels like you are looking at giant murals. He contributes to various publications, including Italian magazine Left.

    20 Apr 2016
  • South Sudan Comic No. 3

    South Sudan Comic No. 3

    This Wednesday, we publish the third comic in our series on South Sudan, produced in cooperation with the Justice and Security Research Programme (London School of Economics) and the World Peace Foundation (Tufts University). You can see a preview on our blog and read the previous comics here and here.

    18 Apr 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Marilena Nardi

    New Cartoonist: Marilena Nardi

    We are delighted to welcome Italian illustrator and cartoonist Marilena Nardi to our community. Her work is published widely in Italy and abroad. She also teaches at the at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

    15 Apr 2016
  • Our Most Popular Cartoon

    Our Most Popular Cartoon

    With over 8000 shares on our Facebook page and 38K likes (both at time of writing), the cartoon ‘Refuge’ by South African cartoonist Brandan Reynolds is the most popular cartoon we’ve published in our five year history. The cartoon captures our outrage and indignation over the Panama Papers in a simple visual of two ships and three words.

    11 Apr 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Gezienus Bruining

    New Cartoonist: Gezienus Bruining

    Gezienus Bruining is a young Dutch illustrator and cartoonist. He got his art degree in 2015, and his cartoons, which are already very good, show tremendous promise. Check out more of his work on his website.

    07 Apr 2016