• Review: Documentary Comics

    Review: Documentary Comics

    Documentary Comics by Nina Mickwitz sets out to answer the question if comics journalism can be seen as a genre of documentary. She argues that comics share a documentary ambition to visually narrate and represent aspects and events of the real world. Read a review on our blog.

    24 Mar 2016
  • Support for Gado

    Support for Gado

    Cartoonists Rights Network International is gathering statements in support for Kenyan cartoonist Gado, who was fired last week from his 23-year position at the Daily Nation, most likely because of political pressure. Read our official statement here.

    21 Mar 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Pete Kreiner

    New Cartoonist: Pete Kreiner

    Pete Kreiner is a freelance cartoonist from Hobart, Australia. Check out more of his work on his Facebook page.

    17 Mar 2016
  • Kenyan Cartoonist Fired After Mocking President

    Kenyan Cartoonist Fired After Mocking President

    Gado, one of Africa’s best and best-known cartoonists, has been fired from The Daily Nation, where he worked as a cartoonist for over 23 years. Signs are his sacking is the result of Kenya’s press caving in to government suppression of free speech.

    14 Mar 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Emanuele Del Rosso

    New Cartoonist: Emanuele Del Rosso

    Emanuele Del Rosso is an Italian journalist and cartoonist. He worked for, and collaborated with, several online magazines and newspapers. He currently contributes to Radio Netherlands Worldwide (an organization Cartoon Movement has partnered with on numerous occasions).

    09 Mar 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Pedripol

    New Cartoonist: Pedripol

    Pedro Pablo Hidalgo (aka Pedripol) is a Spanish editorial cartoonist living in Cádiz. He publishes a daily cartoon in CTXT Magazine. To see more of his work, visit his website.

    07 Mar 2016
  • This is not Europe!

    This is not Europe!

    People in or traveling to Belgium should make an effort to visit Mons, where 120 political cartoons about Europe by 52 cartoonists are on display at the Mons Memorial Museum. The exhibition This is not Europe! is organized by Cartooning for Peace and will run until June 26, 2016.

    29 Feb 2016
  • Letter For Atena

    Letter For Atena

    A letter to Iranian President Rouhani by Cartoonists Rights Network International calls for leniency for Iranian cartoonist Atena Faraghdani, who is sentenced to 12 years in jail for a cartoon. The letter is signed by 40 NGOs and more than 75 international cartoonists.

    24 Feb 2016
  • KAP Wins Press Cartoon Europe

    KAP Wins Press Cartoon Europe

    Spanish cartoonist (and CM member) KAP is the winner of Press Cartoon Europe 2016, with an excellent cartoon about Europe and refugees published in La Vanguardia. PCE awards the best cartoon published in European media.

    22 Feb 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Simon Nsaka

    New Cartoonist: Simon Nsaka

    Simon Nasaka (aka Stillmatic) is the first cartoonist from Zambia to join Cartoon Movement. His work has been published in Zambian newspaper the Daily Nation since 2012.

    18 Feb 2016
  • International Data Responsibility

    International Data Responsibility

    We’re currently running a newsroom on data, digital literacy and privacy. It has turned out to be quite a popular project, gathering over 170 cartoons. This is the last week the project newsroom is online (and the cartoons can all be seen in one place), so if you like cartoons about this theme, see them all together while you can.

    15 Feb 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Dan Murphy

    New Cartoonist: Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy was the editorial cartoonist for The Province, a newspaper in Vancouver, Canada. He now lives in Ireland and makes political cartoons and animations for various clients.

    11 Feb 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Ayman Alwusabi

    New Cartoonist: Ayman Alwusabi

    Ayman Alwusabi (aka Ayman Toon) is our second cartoonist from Yemen. Ayman is only 20 years old, but his work shows great potential. We are happy to give him a platform to show his work to an international audience.

    08 Feb 2016
  • South Sudan Comic No. 2

    South Sudan Comic No. 2

    In April 2015, we published South Sudan: Who Got What, a comic written by Alex de Waal and drawn by Victor Ndula. Over the past months, Alex and Victor have been working on the sequel, which will be published on Monday. Check out a preview on our blog.

    06 Feb 2016
  • New Cartoonist: José Antonio Rodríguez García

    New Cartoonist: José Antonio Rodríguez García

    José Antonio Rodríguez García is an illustrator and cartoonist from Mexico. He is editorial cartoonist for the newspaper La Voz de Michoacán in Mexico and the magazine Negratinta in Spain.

    02 Feb 2016