• New Cartoonist: Hasan Abadi

    New Cartoonist: Hasan Abadi

    Hasan Abadi is a Palestinian artist with a big following on social media. Check out his Facebook page to see more of his work.

    09 Dec 2016
  • Questions of Copyright

    Questions of Copyright

    Questions of copyright is our monthly feature in which we share some of our questions and concerns about how and where cartoons from Cartoon Movement are used without our permission. Read it on our blog.

    07 Dec 2016
  • Calling for the Release of Turkish Cartoonist Musa Kart

    Calling for the Release of Turkish Cartoonist Musa Kart

    Cartoon Movement, Cartooning for Peace, and Cartoonists Rights Network International call for the release of Musa Kart, political cartoonists for Cumhuriyet newspaper, jailed one month ago. Read our joint statement here.

    05 Dec 2016
  • Drawing Tablet Review: Yiynova MVP20U+RH

    Drawing Tablet Review: Yiynova MVP20U+RH

    If you are an artist and you use a computer to help you create your work, you’ve probably heard of Wacom, the industry standard for digital drawing tablets. Taiwanese company Yiynova offers a considerably cheaper alternative. CM editor Tjeerd Royaards used a Yiynova tablet to make cartoons for one month, and shares his experiences on our blog.

    01 Dec 2016
  • New Cartoonist: DelToro

    New Cartoonist: DelToro

    We are very pleased to welcome another cartoonist from Cuba. Yoemnis Batista Del Toro (artist name DelToro) is an artist from Havana; his vibrant and colorful work has a poetic quality.

    28 Nov 2016
  • Facts & Comics

    Facts & Comics

    The comics we publish give us the chance to do fact-based explorations from various angles. In recent years, we have done numerous comic collaborations with experts and university professors, like the comic on polarization we’ve published this week. Comics are an excellent tool to make complex subject matter understandable and accessible, without losing sight of the relevant facts. Read more on our blog.

    24 Nov 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Ivailo Tsvetkov

    New Cartoonist: Ivailo Tsvetkov

    Ivailo Tsvetkov is an award-winning cartoonist living and working in Sofia, Bulgaria. His first cartoon was published in 1982 and he currently works for various publications.

    16 Nov 2016
  • New Cartoonist: SKELF

    New Cartoonist: SKELF

    Rob Moran (publishing as SKELF) is an award-winning political cartoonist from Scotland. A SKELF is a Scots word for a splinter that gets under the skin and then irritates beyond all proportion to its size. Check out more of his work on his Facebook page.

    14 Nov 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Moshe Gilula

    New Cartoonist: Moshe Gilula

    Moshe Gilula is an illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer from Israel, currently living in the Netherlands. Visit his website here.

    11 Nov 2016
  • CNN Trump Cartoon Gallery

    CNN Trump Cartoon Gallery

    As our newsroom is filled to the brim with cartoons about Trump winning the US election, other media around the world have published cartoon slideshows. CNN has also published a slideshow. Cartoon Movement’s editor-in-chief Tjeerd Royaards made the homepage of CNN with his perspective on Trump winning the US elections.

    10 Nov 2016
  • Support Free Speech in Turkey

    Support Free Speech in Turkey

    Cartooning for Peace is starting a campaign to support cartoonists, journalists and freedom of speech in Turkey. If you’re a cartoonist you can send your support cartoon to them. If you’re not a cartoonist, you can show your support by signing this petition calling for the release of the imprisoned journalists.

    04 Nov 2016
  • Questions of copyright

    Questions of copyright

    Questions of copyright is a monthly feature in which we share some of our questions and concerns about how and where cartoons from Cartoon Movement are used without our permission. In this edition, a cartoon that went viral and an Egyptian website that seems very fond of cartoons.

    02 Nov 2016
  • Cartooning in Rwanda

    Cartooning in Rwanda

    Ndarama Assoumani is an editorial cartoonist in Rwanda. Like many other governments around the world, the president and ruling party in Rwanda do not like to be criticized. On the blog, we talk to Ndarama about his work and the dangers he encounters.

    26 Oct 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Vanessa Valadez

    New Cartoonist: Vanessa Valadez

    Vanessa Valadez is a Chicago-based cartoonist and illustrator. Her artwork is inspired by children’s books, video games, cartoons, comics, and real life. Her work has appeared in Fusion, South Side Weekly, The Columbia Chronicle, The Chicago Monitor, and Linework to name a few. Check out more of her work on vanessavaladez.com.

    24 Oct 2016
  • New Cartoonist: Feras Haggag

    New Cartoonist: Feras Haggag

    Feras Haggag is cartoonist originally from Egypt. He has been working as a cartoonist, photographer and designer since 2006. His work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines in and outside of Egypt and has also been featured on news channels like Al Jazeera.

    21 Oct 2016